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Morocco Local Insider – Your Destination Guide for Travel to Morocco!

Hello! Salam! Welcome! Marhaba! My name is Jamal, and I’d like to welcome you to Morocco Local Insider.  I’ve created this page as YOUR personal destination guide for Moroccan travel, so that you can

  • confidently plan your trip to Morocco,
  • discover the best places to explore in Morocco and what to visit in each city,
  • know what to expect while traveling in Morocco,
  • how to navigate Moroccan culture and traditions,
  • explore delicious Moroccan food and recipes,
  • learn about Moroccan history,
  • and the list goes on!

I personally have more than 16 years of experience in Moroccan tourism, so you know that I know what I’m talking about!  I started first as a private driver for tourists, traveling all around Morocco, getting to know all the routes between the various regions of Morocco, as well as the different culture and specialties of each region.  I then became an official national guide, and while I can work throughout Morocco, my heart belongs in Fes, Morocco’s oldest imperial city and known as Morocco’s spiritual and cultural epicenter.  Along with me, I have a team of fellow Moroccans who are also eager to share their love and knowledge of Morocco with you!

Please consider Morocco Local Insider as your own Morocco travel tour guide, and please keep checking in to see what new Moroccan travel guide information my team and I will be sharing!